About Me

As an experienced internet marketeer, selling online since 2002, I felt it was time to sell myself online!  I’m interested in helping you with your project on a short or long term basis.

I’m a qualified accounting technician and a recognised manager of people, systems and processes. More than that, I am a practical problem solver, with a technical slant.  I’m a SQL genius and have written websites for all sorts of companies, organisations and individuals.

I run a number of blogging, web hosting, SEO service and other online marketing sites.

As Group Scout Leader of 4th Ashby de la Zouch Scout Group I manage a team of over 30 volunteers to deliver everyday adventure for over 150 young people every week.  We’re building a new Scout and Community Centre too.

Right now, I’m carefully choosing which projects to get involved with, hopefully yours will interest me…

The Day Job

I am employed as Development and Visitors Manager in Leicestershire Heritage.  This is a role which has evolved over the last 12 years from a finance based role through managing retail across six sites, bringing catering in from a franchise and developing new income streams.

I managed the back office team handling customer calls, emails, letters and web enquiries.  Processing school, group and event bookings, handling conferencing sales and bookings.  Managing a £1M budget, reporting to site management as required.

Grew the retail to double the profit in 4 years, overseeing the design and installation of a new shop.

Bought the catering in-house after managing several contractors through a franchise agreement.  Invested in new equipment, staff training and facilities to turn a £30k loss to small profit in year one, continued to improve performance for the following two years.

More recently I have led on a project to roll out a sophisticated ticketing and retail EPoS system to a number of geographically diverse sites.

I now provide services to Libraries and Heritage sites to create new income streams and enhance customer services.

Web Based Projects

As my “professional” experience is a little limited in terms of web based projects I have put this page together to outline some of my accomplishments here.

Current Projects (Winter 2013)

  • Setup a private cloud, allowing uses to share/view files (pictures, music, documents etc) and to collaborate on emails, tasks, calendars etc.  This involved a robust server setup and careful security considerations.  
  • Recently embarked on a project to enable an e-commerce site to accept Groupon vouchers and to export the details collected from customers for future mailings
  • Preparing a report, including recommendations to migrate from a proprietary e-commerce store to an off the shelf solution to include multiple store fronts, Ebay and Amazon feeds, integration with a selection of payment processors and distribution channels and social media/customer interaction.  Some work to refine/update the company branding will take place.  Along with data migration there will be a ground-up approach to SEO.
  • A property lettings site in a competitive university city.  Undergoing a transformation 9 months later to allow better use of images.  The site allows end users to create content and easily add pictures to their article and then share the new property listing on Facebook and Twitter.  Achieved decent rankings in Google
  • Modifying a stock template and a carefully curated list of WordPress plugins I produced a site which is attractive to potential members and their parents for the area Scouting organisers.  This project has required training sessions to be delivered and much time has been spent to allow content publishers easy access to a friendly “back-end”.
  • PPC campaign for my link building reselling site.  Reasonable ROI achieved as I learnt!
  • Lastly, lead on a project to get real time e-ticketing for events at two major East Midlands attractions online.  Undertook information security risk assessments, surveyed customers, trained staff, liaised with software houses, DB administrators and other stakeholders.  Delivered the integration of the design with the existing websites.

Past Projects

Previously I have delivered a number of projects since learning HTML in about 2002 and then transferring my SQL skills from offline databases to the web.

  • Ran a web hosting company, managing servers, staff and the site content.  Almost 600 websites hosted on a Linux systems, running effective spam filtering and a user-friendly control panel.
  • Have a network of small Amazon affiliate and web service resale sites which earn a number of commission payments.
  • Created a web forum which achieves 2409 visits per day (11,697 visits)
  • Coded a time recording system in PHP/MySQL for a local tradesman
  • Edited a number of backend functions in a campsite/activity booking system to output reports as PDFs
  • Converted a number of websites from existing branding materials and/or HTML to WordPress content management system, ensuring coding standards adhered to.
Scouting Achievements

Here is a quick list of my Scouting achievements:

  • Held leadership roles for over 15 years
  • Run Cub Packs and Scout Troops, growing numbers and steering the children through badges and awards
  • Organised over 150 camping nights away in the UK and overseas
  • Started a Beaver colony
  • Manage a team of 30 adults to output the programme
  • Sat on the County Executive committee and chaired a sub-committee
  • Deliver abseiling, climbing, zip wire, air rifle shooting activities to campers.
  • Grown a group from 70 to 160 youth members
  • Steered the group to becoming a registered charity and establishing policies and procedures in line with good governance
  • Organising a postal service which handles over 5,000 pieces of mail in two weeks and promoting local businesses to 6,000 local households
  • Negotiating agreements to secure land and funds for a new scout centre and community building for Ashby de la Zouch.

If you would like my traditional CV, references or to discuss some portfolio sites, please get in touch.

Otherwise you can read about current projects, “The Day Job” and my Scouting achievements by following the links.